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Order Recognition Technology will make your customers smile!

  • Save Time
  • Increase Sales
  • Ensure Accuracy
  • Personalize Service
  • Save The Environment

Stan and his team at O R TECH are bringing the formidable powers of big data to bear on solving the age-old problem of how to achieve better customer service at a lower cost point. Their results are truly impressive. Powered by this technology, customers can expect significant improvements in face-to-face interactions with merchants.

Tom Phelan, Co-Founder BlueData Software, Inc.

Press Release

The early-stage company that combines advanced biometric technologies with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create an unparalleled level of service for retailers was selected from among more than 3000 companies to present at this year’s conference.

Founder and CEO, Stanley Travers, commented on O R Tech team’s participation at the prestigious conference: “We were very pleased to be selected to be at this year’s Startup Grind, and also for the strong reception our unique technology solution offers for forward-thinking retailers. We believe we have created a model that represents the future of personalized service that savvy consumers will be demanding and that retailers will need to stay competitive in the market.”

O R Tech is an early-stage software technology company that uses advanced biometric technologies to help retailers increase revenue, speed and accuracy of service.

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